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Media Attention

Sometimes, in my travels I get attention and end up with various points of media coverage. This page is a collection of podcasts, webcasts, news and other various publications that I’ve been a part of. Enjoy!

Podcasts Appearances

David Pine talks with John Callaway, Clayton Hunt and Jon Ash about his love for the Developer Community, programming languages like TypeScript and C#, speaking and blogging.

David Pine talks with Dave Rael about building a brand for software developers, being a source of positivity, and the importance of mentors.

Video Appearances

Serbia, National News

AskTHAT | Episode 35

Microsoft’s Channel 9 - Magic Mirror

Publications Articles

Each newer version of C# is packed full of powerful and impactful features. In this tutorial I walk through the various versions of C# and share my favorite features from each release. Anytime I get the chance to write about C#, I’m eager to do so. This time was no System.Exception!

With ASP.NET Core Web API there are several various attributes that instruct the framework where to expect data. These attributes are very powerful, allowing for aliasing and strong-typing; however, knowing which correspond to model binding and are best suited for each HTTP verb is vital. In this article we’ll explore all of this and more.