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Media Attention

This page is a collection of podcasts, webcasts, news and other various publications that I’ve been a part of. Enjoy!

On .NET Live — Live Stream

I’m one of several co-hosts that run the official On .NET Live stream. We air weekly on Mondays from 11:00 AM US Central Time to noon. We’re live on:

For a complete playlist of on-demand episodes, check out the On .NET Live playlist.

Video Appearances

C# Source Generators for Blazor

Exploring the Azure AI OpenAI .NET SDK

Blazorators: C# Source Generators for Blazor

A Conversation With David Pine

Coffee & Open Source Conversation

ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazorators: Blazor C# Source Generators

dotNET Dev Show: GitHub Actions for .NET Devs w/ David Pine

C# Language Highlights: Deconstructing Non-tuple Types

C# Using SignalR in your Blazor applications

C# Language Highlights: Positional Pattern Matching

C# Language Highlights: Exhaustive Case Guards

C# Language Highlights: Tuple Pattern Matching

C# Language Highlights: Property Pattern Matching

Azure Cosmos DB Conf: Deep-dive into the repository-pattern .NET SDK

SignalR Crazy8s: The Refactoring | C#9 Features

Cosmos DB: Repository Pattern .NET Wrapper SDK

Localize .NET apps with Azure AI ☁

MADdotNET: Building The .NET Docs Show website

Technology & Friends: .NET 5 Wave

SignalR - ASP.NET Community Standup

SignalR: Above & Beyond Chat

Exploring C# 8

Up & Running with Hugo

MkeJS – TypeScript: Making JavaScript Tolerable

#MVPBuzzChat CollabTalk

Serbia, National News

AskTHAT | Episode 35

Microsoft’s Channel 9 — Magic Mirror

Podcasts Appearances

David Pine: NET Content Development - Episode 223

Jeffrey Palermo interviews David Pine, to learn about his role as a content developer for the .NET team. They discuss whether the age of JavaScript SPA frameworks is over, and what the future of .NET looks like. They dive into GitHub Actions and the .NET SDK David’s been working on. They talk about Orleans and sample code, and so much more.

Eat Sleep Code - Why You Should Learn TypeScript

On this episode, David Pine shares his experience with TypeScript. David talks about why TypeScript is a valuable tool for improving your experience with applications that normally are written using JavaScript. We discuss how to compile TypeScript, what are its strengths and how to get started.

6 Figure Developer - Episode 38

David Pine talks with John Callaway, Clayton Hunt and Jon Ash about his love for the Developer Community, programming languages like TypeScript and C#, speaking and blogging.

Developer On Fire - Episode 305

David Pine talks with Dave Rael about building a brand for software developers, being a source of positivity, and the importance of mentors.

Publications Articles

David Pine on the official .NET DevBlog

I have written more than a half dozen articles on the official .NET DevBlog. These articles cover a wide range of topics from Blazor, to C#, to Azure AI, Native AOT, containerized .NET apps, publishing to GitHub Actions, and more.

David Pine on Twilio Blog

I’ve written nine full tutorials, most of these were focusing on Twilio Video Chat, ASP.NET Core SignalR, and Twilio SMS. These articles are a great resource for learning how to build real-time applications with Twilio and ASP.NET Core.

Build a Video Chat App with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Twilio

This post will show you how to create a video chat application using the Twilio JavaScript SDK in your Angular single page application (SPA) and the Twilio SDK for C# and .NET in your ASP.NET Core server code. You’ll build the interactions required to create and join video chat rooms, and to publish and subscribe to participant audio and video tracks.

The Future of .NET Core

In this series, we will explore some of the benefits .NET Core and how it can benefit not only traditional .NET developers but all technologists that need to bring robust, performant and economical solutions to market.

TypeScript – A Tour of Generics

TypeScript is an amazing innovation with how we as developers write JavaScript applications. TypeScript boasts its language services as a first-class citizen. These language services empower your favorite integrated development environment with advanced statement completion, refactoring, type-checking, compilation and even flow analysis.

C#: Favorite Features through the Years

Each newer version of C# is packed full of powerful and impactful features. In this tutorial I walk through the various versions of C# and share my favorite features from each release. Anytime I get the chance to write about C#, I’m eager to do so. This time was no System.Exception!

ASP.NET Core Web API Attributes

With ASP.NET Core Web API there are several various attributes that instruct the framework where to expect data. These attributes are very powerful, allowing for aliasing and strong-typing; however, knowing which correspond to model binding and are best suited for each HTTP verb is vital. In this article we’ll explore all of this and more.

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