ASP.NET Core Unit Testing For Security Attributes

Authorization Attribute Safety Net

David Pine

7 minute read

Intro As a developer, I can say that developers are lazy - at least I know and acknowledge that I am. If I’m tasked with something even the slightest bit repetitious I’ll script it out, or find a way to automate it. Likewise, if I fall into a habit of forgetting something important - I’ll figure out a way to not forget. Especially when it comes to securing an application. Security Soapbox We should take application security very seriously!

xUnit Roslyn Analyzers

Putting your code under the scope

David Pine

5 minute read

p { opacity: 1 !important; } Intro At my day job, I wear many hats. I’m currently wearing the “upgrade our team’s tooling” hat. I counted 99 *.xproj and project.json based projects spanning four repositories that need to be updated to the revitalized *.csproj project format. With this the team can upgrade to the latest version of Visual Studio (finally upgrading to 2017 from 2015) and start taking advantage of the following: Supported tooling, no longer on preview tooling bits Allows us to explore C# 7 (and peruse C# 7.1) with production code Leverage the latest SDK and .NET Core CLI Other obvious reasons And so on… Upgrading tooling is not always glamorous, but there are times that I find myself excited.