Hello from the GitHub Actions: Core .NET SDK

The unofficial .NET equivalent of the official GitHub actions/toolkit @actions/core project.

David Pine

15 minute read

Example source code for the GitHub Actions Core .NET SDK.

📢 ATTENTION This post is part of the C# advent calendar 2022, for other articles in this collection see C# Advent Calendar 2022. This is the third time I’ve written for the calendar, past entries include 2017: C# Special Edition and 2018: C# All The Things. 🙏🏽 GitHub Actions: Core .NET SDK SDKs are great, but why do we need one for GitHub Actions? The short answer is, you don’t!

Angular - The Color Guessing Game

Hashtag... #Winning

David Pine

9 minute read

The Story Behind The Game I have three sons. Lyric who is six and a half, Londyn who is four and half, and Lennyx who is two and half. As you might imagine, they seldom agree on things. For example when it’s family move night, “which movie we’ll watch?”, or “who gets to go first?” when playing a game. These important life decisions are often decided by playing the color guessing game.

DMP in 3: RxJS Debounce

Three minute solution for delayed filtering to avoid performance implications

David Pine

2 minute read

I recently decided to give creating videos a test drive. The problem with creating video content is the fact that it’s really time consuming to do, but the time investment can be worth the effort if you’re able to truly deliver some sort of value. Another problem we’re faced with in the technical community is that videos can be very lengthy. Enter DMP in 3, a video series of 3 minute videos.

Angular HTTP Tips For Success

RxJS Map to the rescue!

David Pine

5 minute read

Intro I love working with the Angular HttpClient. It is easy to use and was designed to work with RxJS. It is vastly different from the AngularJS implementation, if you’re curious I wrote about these differences . However, there is one common issue that developers fall victim to. The issue really relates to TypeScript generics. I have also written about generics in TypeScript here . But in this post, we will reveal how the issue can easily be avoided.

TypeScript - JavaScript Reimagined

"Making JavaScript tolerable"

David Pine

6 minute read

First things First JavaScript is the world’s third most common programming language today. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in about ten days. It might seem odd that the previous two sentences not only exist, but go together…yet it is true! JavaScript runs seemingly everywhere and applications written in this language are only getting larger. JavaScript was perhaps intended for 100, maybe up to 1,000 lines of code and now with regularity people are building 100,000 line apps, if not 1,000,000 line apps.

Angular2 Http with RxJS Observables

Subscribing has never been so easy

David Pine

5 minute read

If you have been following the development efforts of the Angular2 project, you have witnessed certain highs and lows - but it has been a fun ride. The latest version is only a Release Candidate and the team is getting closer to the final release. I’m really looking forward to that! I wanted to take a moment to highlight (IMO) one of the key services of Angular2, the http service.