Exploring .NET streaming API scenarios

Use the IAsyncEnumerable<T> interface to stream data from a server to a client.

David Pine

14 minute read


❗ IMPORTANT The featured image was generated using bing.com/create powered by DALL·E. Exploring .NET streaming API scenarios If you’re a .NET developer, chances are you’re already familiar with the IAsyncEnumerable<T> interface. This interface was introduced in .NET Core 3.0 and is used to asynchronously iterate over a collection of data. This is a great way to stream data from a server to a client. In this post, you’ll learn how to:

ASP.NET Core Configuration Tips

Configuration tips for success

David Pine

3 minute read

Being a software developer, it’s in our nature to configure various aspects of the applications that we write. With ASP.NET Core configuring our applications is really straight forward. Luckily, there is a lot of really well written documentation surrounding this topic. ASP.NET Core - Configuration ASP.NET Core - Options However, there is still room for improvement. I’ve prepared a few tips that can enhance developer productivity by taking advantage of various C# features.