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You may have noticed my GitHub tag, IEvangelist. If you see this as an interface it would look something like the following (I’d be more or less a placeholder interface, but I’d impose many other contracts).

public interface IEvangelist :
    // An evangelist is...well, write your own implementation 🤓

It all started with my middle school ambition - I wanted to learn how those cool FPS games worked. I loved Wolfenstein, Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, Half-Life, etc…and I just wanted to learn how they ticked, and take a look under the hood. I taught myself how to use QuArK (Quake Army Knife) and Valve Hammer , harnessing my passions for art and three-dimensional space. I found myself building elaborate architectures, painstakingly applying textures, dissecting the best placement for a light source that will cast desirable shadows - drawing attention to focal points, etc. I loved building these maps more than I loved playing them. Rendering thousands of polygons and entities down into a single binary space partition (.bsp) , something about that was gratifying.

I then had an idea of what I wanted to do. Years later, I decided that I wanted to be a software engineer and that is what I set out to become. I like to think of myself as a charismatic, results-driven software engineer with proficiency in adaptability and problem-solving. Experienced in .NET frameworks, team software engineering, and agile development methodologies.



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What people are saying

You are a beacon of light in a grumpy world of developers. Your excitement is infectious. I’m so blessed to know you!

So David Pine, you are about to embark on your first international speaking engagement. Congratulations, good luck and know that wherever you go, all of us here will be wishing you well. We know they are getting not just a speaker, but someone who represents the best of our developer community values here in the upper Midwest, someone who is eager to share what he knows with others, someone who is generous with his time and patient in his approach. You represent the best of us because you are so invested in the success of others. I couldn’t think of a better person they could have asked to come and speak and certainly not one more deserving. You will do an amazing job, and when you get back, we’ll have a Spotted Cow, a Brat and some Chicago deep dish pizza waiting for you.

I had the opportunity to work with David Pine for several years while at Centare. I learned a tremendous amount from him and was always impressed with his upbeat attitude, team leadership, and willingness to tackle problems head on. One thing I learned about David is that if he sets his mind to something- he will do it, and not give up. He has an incredible work ethic and always is willing to stop along the way to help others. He is a great teacher and admired by his peers. I would jump at the opportunity to work with David again and am confident he will be successful in whatever he does.

It was a blast to learn under David. It didn’t take us long to get along as we are both highly motivated people with a drive to make a difference in the software development realm. He helped guide me to through the start of my software development journey when doubt was at an all time high. He works his tail off to get his team past where they need to be meaning that the value coming from his work is remarkable. These are a few of many reasons why I’m sure Microsoft has given him the status of MVP. I would recommend David to any software company.

David has been a pleasure to work with. He takes great pride in his work and consistently drives for results. I appreciate not only his problem solving skills, but his unique ability to simplify complex issues and concisely convey information to technical and non-technical peers.

Working with Dave for several months I was impressed with how well he was able to pickup new technologies. His ability to research and understand new things was a great asset to our team and always spot on. He is a true team player and willing to do any task asked of him. If given the chance I would, with out a doubt, have him on future teams that I work on.

David is a developer with skills and knowledge way beyond the number of years listed on his resume. Never afraid to suggest a better way but willing do what it takes to get things done. He is one of the most thorough programmer I have met in my IT career with a complete grasp all OOP principles and the SDLC. Always available to mentor and lean a hand when others are having difficulties. It was a great honor to have worked with him.